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Currently we are seeking for high performance engineers to support one of our Coal Fired Power Projects in Kalimantan:

1. Civil & Structural
2. Mechanical (Boiler and BOP)
3. Mechanical (Turbine and BOP)
4. Electrical
5. Instrument & Control Engineer
6. Commissioning Engineer
7. Refractory Specialist
8. Performance Engineer

General Requirements 
• Minimum 15 years experiences in related field.
• Candidate possess experiences in project development, power plant project management, power plant design & engineering, construction, testing, and commissioning of coal fired steam power plant equipment especially CFB Boiler technology
• Candidate have strong understanding in quality assurance and quality control of power plant construction project including welding standards, procedures, qualification, and non-destructive examinations.
• Excellent experiences in technical specifications of main power generation, and transmission line system (coal fired steam power plants and overhead transmission line of 150 kV).
• English language proficiency (both reading and writing)
• Point of hire is Kalimantan Tengah
• Willing to work at Kalimantan Tengah if candidates are coming from outside Kalimantan Tengah.

Specific Requirements

• Civil & Structural
Has experience and expertise in foundation and substructure, superstructure, geology and geotechnical, hydraulics, and industrial architectural.

• Mechanical (Boiler and BOP) 
Has experience and expertise in general coal fired steam power plant process, boiler and auxiliaries, balance of plant and process engineering, plant arrangement, piping, valves, material handling system, plant cooling system, water intake, water treatment, demineralized water, waste water treatment system, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. Has strong understanding in quality control of power plant construction project.

• Mechanical (Turbine & BOP) 
Has experience and expertise in general coal fired steam power plant process, turbine and auxiliaries, pump, compressor, fan, water heater, deaerator, condenser, plant arrangement, piping, and valves. Has strong understanding in quality control of power plant construction project.

• Electrical
Has experience and expertise in plant electrical system, generators and ancillaries, substation and transformers, BOP electrical system, plant and electrical system, and overhead transmission line.

• Instrument & Control Engineer
Has experience and expertise in coal fired power plant concept, DCS for coal fired power plant, PLC control system, field instrument, turbine supervisory system, boiler control system, BOP control system.

• Commissioning Engineer
Strong conceptual, understanding, and implementation of overall coal fired steam power plant operation, plant testing, and commissioning. Proven experience in carryout testing and commissioning of coal fired steam power plant for similar capacity using CFB boiler technology. Well understand ASME performance test code, and coal fired steam power plant testing and commissioning sequence and procedure for boiler, turbine, and generator systems, including auxiliaries system and sub-system commissioning.

• Refractory Specialist
Has experience in supervising installation of refractory lining for minimum 3-5 CFBC Boilers. Experience should include review of refractory design, selection of refractory & ancillary material, Supervision of Refractory Installation, Dry out and Final Inspection of refractory lining.

• Performance Engineer
Has experience in monitoring the overall plant performance (heat rate) as well as the performance of individual equipment and subsystems (e.g. boilers, turbines, condensers, FW heaters) Develop thermodynamic models for all related equipment and systems.

Analyze and troubleshoot discrepancies between current operating data, model predictions and long term operating trends Model and predict consumption of coal, raw water, water treatment chemicals and other consumables, compare to current and long term trends, analyze the results and make recommendations for improvements. Guide and assist the Maintenance and Operation departments to effect improvements in plant performance and efficiency. Troubleshoot abnormal operating events and coordinate a solution between relevant parties

If you are looking for a new challenge and willing to work for project basis, please submit your CV in MS Word format to [email protected] with “Name of Position – Kalimantan Tengah” mentioned on the email subject.

Example: Mechanical (Boiler and BOP) – Kalimantan Tengah

Because of our ongoing commitment to the communities we operate in, we strongly recommend that people holding citizenship of Indonesian put forward their interest

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