Skip to content info terkini yang bisa didapatkan tentu saja membantu para pencari kerja yang sedang mencari pekerjaan yang lebih layak dan mapan untuk kesejahteraannya yang akan datang. Informasi loker terkini yang didapatkan melalui dunia maya tentu saja merupakan salah satu hal yang paling utama ingin didapatkan oleh para pencari kerja. Beberapa informasi yang berasal dari perusahaan-perusahaan besar bisa didapatkan dengan mudah. Sehingga dengan memiliki beberapa informasi yang terbaru para pencari kerja bisa mendapatkan pekerjaan yang diidamkannya. Memiliki pekerjaan yang mapan tentu saja menjadi impian dari para pencari kerja. Bahkan dengan memiliki pekerjaan impian akan membuat para pekerja bisa nyaman ketika sedang melakukan pekerjaannya. Bulan Oktober ini dibuka lowongan kerja FSO tiga inti pilar untuk posisi yang nantinya akan dipekerjakan pada proyek di Kapal Tanker FSO. Beberapa posisi mengenai bidang kelautan dan perkapalan akan dijelaskan pada deskripsi kerja dibawah ini. Silahkan cek persyaratan mengenai lowongan kerja FSO tiga inti pilar yang dapat anda pertimbangkan untuk karir anda.

1. Lead Naval Architect 

Qualification and Experience

- Education : bachelor degree of ship engineering from reputable university
- Minimum 12 years of experiences in engineering of which 10 years in ship design.
- Have good understanding with International/Industry codes and standards.
- Familiar with related dicipline engineering software.
- Experience in quality control requirements of multidiscipline designs.
- A Team player and have capable to coordinate to other engineers and interface with other engineering discipline.

2. Naval Architect

Qualification and Experience

- Education : min S1 degree from reputable university
- Minimum 5 years experiences in ship design.
- Have good understanding with International/Industry codes and standards.
- Familiar with related dicipline engineering software.

3. Mooring Master 

Qualification and Experience

- Education : Bachelor degree from reputable university.
- Minimum 3 years experiences.
- The Personel shall have a Mooring Master Certificate from authority department as per regulation.

4. Cost Estimator 

Qualification and Experience

- Education : min S1 degree from reputable university.
- Minimum 5 years experiences in engineering oil and gas facilities,
- The personnel must have experiences in estimating of offshore construction project.

5. QC/QA Mechanical Piping

Qualification and Experience

- Minimum 7 years experiences in Piping/Mechanical QA/QC.
- The Personel shall have Certificate from authority department as per regulation.
- Capable to monitor quality welding & NDT (ultrasonic test, magnetic test, penetrant test, radiography test, etc), dimensional check, piping orientation, Coating (three layer, etc.), holiday test, hydrotest and golden joint.
- Familiar with procedures for Mechanical quality control/quality assurance.

6. QC/QA Civil

Qualification and Experience

- Minimum 7 years experiences in civil QA/QC
- The Personel shall have Certificate from authority department as per regulation.
- Familiar with shop drawing and sequencial for fabrication and construction.
- Familiar with procedures for quality control/quality assurance.
- Able to Perform needed tests on site and in the laboratory to ensure conformity of material and works according to the contract specifications.
- Supervise construction works contracts including quantity measurement, quality and variation.
- Ensure that contractors comply with works and specifications.
- Establish and maintain procedures to develop standard documentation for construction works and quality control and assurance for the projects.
- Develop standard quality control procedures to be performed by the contractors.
- Develop and conduct robust procedures for quality assurance.
- Review of the Bill of Quantities and the contract documents for each section of the construction task.
- Supervise of the contractors in the implementation of the civil and structure work.
- Perform any other duties deemed necessary by the Chief Technical Advisor/Project Manager.

7. Electrical Instrument Inspector

Qualification and Experience

The I&E Inspector independently performs inspection activities for all I&E field equipment during installation and commissioning. The Inspector must be competent in understanding electrical codes, and industry practices for low, medium and high voltage components. The Inspector must be proficient in AC/DC applications, electrical, electronic and pneumatic components. The Inspector will have working knowledge of I&E testing, calibration, inspection, functional testing, and field installation of control panels, utilities, power supplies, switchyards, transmissions distribution system in compliance with electrial and instrumentation codes and standards.

Qualification : 
Seven (7) years plus experience in the oil and gas onshore project
Working understanding of project execution, engineering, construction and completion practices.
Demonstrated ability to work in a project environment and function as a team player.
Ability to be effective with minimal supervision.
Proficient in Microsoft Office suite of software

Typical Duties and Responsibilities: 
• The Inspector may also be required to perform material and equipment receiving inspection to insure condition of the items received, as well as correct quantity descriptions, assemblies and correct information on data plates or name plates in conjunction with correct sizes and color codes.
• The I&E Inspector may be required to assist in inspection and verification for all installation of plant and site instruments, alarms, detection devices wiring and tubing connections, control panels, junction boxes, instrument air headers, air compressor instrumentation, gas engine, pumps etc..
• The Inspector may conduct the installation inspection for the electrical equipment and instruments utilizing P&ID, one line drawings, data sheets and vendor catalog information in conjunction with the NEC, IEEC, NEMA, IEEE specifications.
• The Inspector may also witness electrical tests for low voltage, medium and high voltage control panels, switchgear, motor controls (MCC), transformers, breakers and protective relays and meters.
• The Inspector may also inspect and verify correct dimension, installation and identification for the heat trace devices, electrical lighting and plug outlets, grounding devices and cathodic protection devices.
• The I&E Inspector may also assist the field electrical /instrument engineer during various stages of inspection and functional testing, utilizing the test checklist and test procedures for field instrumentation and field control room electrical equipment.
• The Inspector must have the working knowledge and management skills for detail electrical and instrument inspection and witness testing.
• The Inspector must review and understand the drawings, specifications and data sheets, and insure that the correct instrument, switch, control panel, meter, actuator, etc, is installed, adjusted and tested in compliance with the specifications. Additionally, the Inspector must conduct the visual inspection for each instrument, valve, pneumatic controller, etc., and verify the data plate information, size, classification, and pressure range.
• Ensure contractor has relevant, up to date codes, standards, specifications, contract documents and detailed drawings.
• Witness and monitor contractors work activities, inspections and testing in accordance with approved quality plan, site surveillance plan, ITP’s, procedures, processes and quality walk downs
• Quality surveillance and inspection activities at contractor, sub-contractor fabrication/construction sites
• Track non conformities and monitor/assist in efforts to resolve and close them
• Interface with site engineers, construction superintendent/foreman on quality requirements/issues
• Ensure compliance to contract specification codes and drawings
• Witness Mechanical Completion check sheet inspections
• Conduct inspections to ensure proper preservation of electrical, instrument components
• Conduct and participate in final MC/Pre commissioning inspection and review of final dossiers
• Ensure installed electrical, instrument and telecom equipment is certified for the area classification
• Monitor log out tag out, permit to work and other energy control procedures for compliance
• Verify contractor, sub-contractor quality management systems, plans, procedures and processes are in place
• Ensure the safe installation of temporary power facilities
• Ensure proper installation of equipment, cable, glands, term lugs and kits, tray, tubing/fittings and other bulks

Language Skills: 
Ability to present information in written and verbal formats. Must be familiar with computer for use in generating grammatically correct reports

Please submit your application letter complete with CV, recent photograph, certificate to: [email protected] cc to [email protected]

Please mention the position title on the email subject: Apply for (position_Name)

Preferred the applications received before October 13, 2017. We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.