Skip to content pekerjaan dalam industri migas selalu dikerjakan oleh pihak ketiga, dimana dilakukan terlebih dahulu proses tender yang cukup panjang. Sehingga hal ini membutuhkan waktu lebih jika pekerjaan akan dilakukan pihak lain. Berbagai perusahaan jasa layanan rekrutmen selalu update informasi tentang proses tender yang akan dilakukan di industri migas. Salah satu contoh rekrutmen terbaru Arbitech, sebuah perusahaan penyedia manpower berkualitas dan memiliki kompetensi sesuai kebutuhan klien industri minyak dan gas. Arbitech juga menyediakan jasa konsultan dalam bidang pekerjaan migas yang telah berpengalaman lebih dari 25 tahun beroperasi di Indonesia. Saat ini Arbitech membuka kesempatan bagi pekerja offshore untuk ditempatkan di lokasi SAKA Indonesia Pangkah Limited yang berada di Gresik, Jawa Timur. Silahkan cek rekrutmen terbaru Arbitech berikut ini.

Abhitech specializes in providing professional Human Resources Management and Consultancy Services to various industries in Indonesia. Over 25 years of stable growth, Abhitech has maintained a high level of credibility and managed over 250 contracts nationwide. Today, Abhitech is a prominent player in the HR management services with a steadfast commitment to successfully meet our clients specific needs and constant record of achievement in delivering excellence.

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our projects in SAKA Indonesia Pangkah Limited:


Main Job :
ensuring the well is in accordance with the approved drilling program and all operations are completed on time and within budget. This position also expected to oversee the work and scheduling of all third party personnel.

Main responsibilities include:
• Manage day to day operations of drilling, completions and workovers in a safe, efficient and timely manner
• Working in a team to ensure the safety of all personnel and compliance with all HSE regulations
• Manage day to day activities of the rig contractor personnel and third party contractors
• Make recommendations on alternative methods or equipment when unusual situations are encountered
• Ensure rig contractor and equipment are properly maintained to avoid downtime
• Ensure rig and personnel comply with Saka safety standard and procedures

• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from a recognized university or equivalent experience
• More than 10 years for Company Man – Day and minimum 5 years’ experience for Company Man-Night in drilling and workover operations,
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• Excellent communication skills, strong team player, open and transparent communicator across diverse multidiscipline teams


Main Job :
to execute procurement process through effective and efficient contract management for required materials, equipment and services

Main responsibilities include:
• Support SCM and Drilling department during drilling campaign in procurement process to obtain the best quality, delivery and price including review the terms and condition of the contract agreement
• Reviews bids, conduct negotiations and administer the award of contracts and contract amendments and provision of feedback to bidders
• Drafts appropriate contractual and commercial terms & conditions to best serve and protect Company’s interests
• Reviews and amends standard contract documentation as required
• Builds and maintain relationships with suppliers in order to secure positive, constructive and cost effective commercial agreements for the Company
• Provides general assistance & advice on contractual & procurement matters as required to support Company’s operations
• Monitors the performance of service providers on a regular basis.
• Interact with vendors on daily basis to resolve any transactional issues
• Order tracking management, price controller and assess supplier performance

• Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or Equivalent Experience
• Minimum of 8 years of experience in drilling and workover operations
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• Excellent communication skills, strong team player, open and transparent communicator across diverse multidiscipline teams


Main Job: 
administering and operates shore base warehouses, including processing, packaging and storing of supplies, materials and equipment

Main responsibilities include:
• Oversees material and equipment among rig, shorebase, and suppliers for efficient and safe delivery to and from locations
• Coordinates inland freight with contractors and suppliers to and from shore base facility
• Manages work boat fleet to load and discharge cargo on time with shore base facility and rigs, included coordination water and bunkering services
• Maintain inventory control and administers physical inventories throughout operation
• Review all shore base related documentation, including but not limited to incoming and outgoing nota fiscal, cargo manifest, material receiving reports, fuel and water transfers, and waste disposal
• Assure company’s HSE policies are complied with shore base personnel, marine vessels and contractors working in the shore base facility

• Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in relevant subject
• Minimum of 5 years of experience in related industry
• Proficient in written and spoken English.
• Excellent communication skills, strong team player, open and transparent communicator across diverse multidiscipline teams


Main Job :
to manage the components required to mobilize and move personnel, material, equipment to the required point in a safe and timely manner

Main responsibilities include:
• Responsible for logistics of equipment between multiple locations, vendors and rig sites
• Ensure logistics movement are accurate and up-to-date in the computer system (SAP) including manage SAP as an end user and completed the invoice process
• Ensure alignment of the contractor’s material management and logistics activities with rigs activities
• Participation in the identification of logistics and material management risks and associate mitigation plans
• Ensure the relevant transportation and logistics are in place and safe to support material deliveries by contractor
• Forecasts standard inventory usage and routinely orders appropriate quantities,
• Acquiring inventory for daily orders and fill shortage from other locations
• Reviewing contractor’s procurement reporting to ensure progress is being made toward material deliveries as per the project schedule and equipment contract,
• Performing all other duties as assigned

• Bachelor’s degree from recognized university in a relevant subject
• Experience within Oil and Gas Logistics, preferable working on offshore projects
• Minimum of 5 years of experience in related industry
• Experience with SAP is preference
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• Self-motivated and organized with the ability to keep track of paperwork


Main Job :
to plan, monitor and manage materials required for projects

Main responsibilities include:
• Maintain the availability items/equipment and prepare requisition of materials to ensure that they are kept in good conditions and are available at all time
• Ensure quality type and part identification of material received from Warehouse or other rigs are in accordance with the required specification prior to acceptance
• Receive, inspect and manage inventory to ensure the correct items as ordered and are stored in the allocated areas
• Maintain an on-board inventory of Company Owned equipment and keep the stock part system updated during receiving and delivery and inspect the same to report any irregularities
• Coordinates with On-board Service companies and Material Man on other rigs in orders to transfer material from and to warehouse or inter-fields
• Monitors Loading and Offloading Operation
• Prepare the necessary requisitions for spare parts and materials based on the established minimum stock limits as well as keeping accurate records of parts and materials used, transferred, lost or received

• Diploma’s from a recognized university
• Minimum of 10 years of experience, preferable working on offshore projects
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• Self-motivated and organized with the ability to keep track of paperwork


Main Job :
to manage HSE functions in practical and administrative matters, related to on-site drilling and completion operations during exploration phase. This position also provides services in technical, administrative and reporting functions to support GDC client in the development, application and continuous improvement of HSE in the respective area

Main responsibilities include:
• Ensure practical implementation of client’s HSE directives and Client work rules
• Provide HSE support and work projects as needed
• Assist rig crew and rig manager in recognizing and minimizing potential hazards and report any areas where assistance is needed for correction deficiencies
• Responsible for observing drill crew in performing critical job, evaluating their performance and correcting deficiencies through the use of best practices, STOP, safety tools, ADA and JSA’s. This include stopping the job and showing the drill crew the correct procedure or recommended practices
• Responsible for continuous assessment of HSE Dashboard data to monitor leading and lagging indicators and verify that the information is complete and reported to all key stakeholders as required
• Assist in all aspects of incident investigation, verifying root cause, and verifying that recommended corrective actions are adequate to address the root cause findings

• Bachelor’s degree in HSE field or Equivalent Experience
• Industry and/or regulatory courses and training
• Minimum 5 years experience as HSE in relevant industry
• Systematic and disciplined approach to problem-solving
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• Excellent communication skills, strong team player, open and transparent communicator across diverse multidiscipline teams


Main Job: 
to monitor vital operations during drilling, make sure all requirements are carried out, and perform formation evaluation activities to ensure the well is drilled and evaluated safely, efficient manner and cost-effective

Main responsibilities include:
• Attend Pre-Spud, review and evaluate offset data before the drilling program
• Analyse, evaluate and describing formation while drilling, using cuttings, gas, formation evaluation measurement while drilling (FEMWD) and wireline data
• Comparing data gathered during drilling with predictions made at the exploration stage
• Advise on drilling hazards and drilling bit optimisation
• Responsible for making decisions about suspending or continuing drilling
• Supervising mudlogging, FEMWD and wireline services personnel and monitoring quality control in relation to these services
• Keeping detail records, writing reports, completing daily, weekly and post-well reporting logs and sending these to appropriate departments
• Perform other miscellaneous duties as directed

• Bachelor’s degree in Geology or Geophysics
• Minimum 5 years relevant industry experience in operations and production geology
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
• Technical and practical knowhow in handling sophisticated technologies and IT competency, are needed
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• Excellent communication skills, strong team player, open and transparent communicator across diverse multidiscipline teams


Main Job :
to design drilling program in accordance with drilling objective in a safe and cost effective manner

Main responsibilities include:
• Design drilling program in accordance with drilling objectives
• Design sage and economic casing string to international standards
• Design wellbore hydraulics and BHAs to maximise bit life and drilling safe
• Ensure procedures and technically valid and applicable to the specific well conditions
• Performs calculations and maintains documentation relating to a variety of drilling activities
• Conduct studies, analysis, interpretation and conclusions of routine and non-routine problems independently
• Monitor and evaluate well conditions
• Liaise with project group to meet their objectives in a safe and efficient manner

• Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering or other related disciplines
• Minimum 10 years experience as drilling engineer
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
• Proficient in written and spoken English
• Excellent communication skills, strong team player, open and transparent communicator across diverse multidiscipline teams.


Main Job :
• Manage Working closely with Finance and the business unit to ensure accurate processing and timely payment of invoices/expense report.
• Working closely with vendors as necessary to ensure invoices are received correctly and are accompanied by adequate support/tax documentation
• Managing HSE function in the respective department
• Managing relevant administration and report
• Ensure the confidentiality of the company’s documentation
• Maintaining accounting ledgers by verifying and posting account transactions
• Assisting in month end closing process and supporting for related request from internal and external parties
• Maintaining files and documentation in accordance with company policy and accepted accounting practices

Technical Skill: 
• Sound understanding in tax regulations
• Sound understanding in PSC regulations
• Understanding on various SKK Migas Guidelines (PTK)
• Understanding in internal business processes

• Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Tax
• A minimum of 3 years of experience, maximum 5 years of experience in Finance, Accounting or Tax
• Computer literate (Ms Office, SAP and or similar ERP systems and e-SPT system)
• Fluent written and spoken English
• Have a good interpersonal skill
• Have knowledge and ability to instruct, train, and develop others


Main Job :
• Technical, operational and financial data/information collection and research from internal (other dept) and various 3rd party (bloomberg, research houses, etc) sources
• Desktop analysis of data collected Data input into excel financial model. The FA is expected to be capable of creating a simple financial model or inserting data into an existing one
• To make a basic financial data analysis, prepare consolidated financial, and financial statement report
• Under supervision of Senior Finance Analyst, FA will summarize his/her understanding of data/information and
• create or support SFA in creating presentation presenting result of analysis

• Bachelor degree in Finance/Accounting/Investment/Economic
• Knowledge on Oil and Gas Industry
• Minimum 5 years experience in similar industry
• Excellent understanding of General accounting concept and financial statement analysis Basic understanding of Corporate Finance (Financial analysis & strategy, debt and equity, capital market structure, valuation, project financing and investment instruments)
• Mastery of microsoft word, powerpoint and excel, basic understanding of advanced excel functions (lookup, if, choose, ftable, goalseek, etc)
• Proficient in written and spoken english
• Highly motivated and willingness to learn
• Have the ability to identified critical issues and presented mitigation ideas on financial modelling

Please send your application no later than 26 August 2017 to:
[email protected] with subject: “SIPL – Job Vacancy Title”
we only consider online application via above email address in max size of 500kb

Only shortlisted candidate will be notified for further process